Fred Harvey’s Southwest Couriers: “ALL ABOARD!”

October 12, 2019 7:00PM

Grab your walking shoes, cameras, and a hat as we bump along the old dirt roads to take a detour of the grand southwest !!

 A New breed of courageous, intelligent, and hard-working women traveled west from the 1880’s as Harvey Girls, and then as Southwestern Detour Couriersfrom the 1920’s through the great depression. The railroads and the Fred Harvey system encouraged these young unmarried girls to head west to work for him, and become a part of the Southwestern landscape. The college-educated Detour Couriers, or Tour Guides, were a major part of the travel industry enlightening travelers about the history, and unique beauty of the entire southwest.  Along with young men who drove the touring cars, and buses, these women took willing passengers off the railroads and from the Fred Harvey Hotels to the ancient Indian Pueblos, National Parks, and other places of interest.  They were the “walking-talking billboards” for the history, beauty and opportunities of the then little known southwest.

Performance by:  Vanann Moore

Funding in Part by: The N.M. Humanities Council, City of Raton Lodgers Tax and The Raton Museum


Raton Lights of the Season

The Raton Museum is pleased to offer an exhibit of photographs from the Robert Campbell Collection.  Reflecting Raton at Christmas time in the 1930s. Trees and Toys will also fill the Gallery. Raton Lights will be on exhibit

December 5, 2018  thru  January 12, 2019

Winter Hours: Wednesday – Saturday  10-4



Presented by: Fred Friedman – NM Railroad Historian, Member of Historical Society of NM Speakers Bureau.

The Raton Museum – August 4, 2018  4:00PM

Railroads were the Space Program of the 1800’s and communities like Raton, Clayton, Cimarron, Las Vegas and others were linked together by steel rails, thousands of miles long and four and one-half feet wide.


Reflections in Glass

The Raton Museum and the Raton Chamber will be hosting a reception on Saturday, July 28th from 2-4pm at the Raton Museum,108 South Second St.  The Museum will feature an exhibit of images by photographer Robert L. Campbell.

Reflecting on the journey of this historic collection will be….

• Raton Museum Curator – Roger J Sanchez

• Grand Son – Bob Campbell

Grand Daughters- Mary Jane Klein & Nancy Kaye Boatwright       and other Campbell family members

• Palace of the Governors Photo Archives Representatives

• NM Magazine Representatives

Paraphrasing NM Magazine CEO Carolyn Graham ….

Campbell captured the essence of his hometown and more than a century later his work ignited the curiosity of an entire region.

You won’t want to miss this developing story!


THE COLFAX COUNTY WAR: A lecture by Stephen Zimmer

At the Raton Museum on July 7 historian Stephen Zimmer will survey the events that led up to the confrontations of the war which was one of the most famous in the history of the American West.  Relying on first person accounts and extensive research he will detail episodes of the discord and the resultant aftermath that has shaped the hsitory of  Colfax County to the present day.
Zimmer is the former Director of Museums at Philmont Scout Ranch and has been studying and writing about the history of North Eastern New Mexico for more than 30 years.  He is the author of 10 books including “For Good or Bad: People of the Cimarron Country”.

Music From the Ranch and the Open Range

Chautauqua presentation by Steve Cormier at The Raton Museum            

Friday May 11, 2018 at 6 pm

Music From the Ranch and the Open Range

Steve Cormier earned a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico, with a dissertation on twentieth century New Mexico ranching. He has published chapters on ranching in two books, “Essays in Twentieth Century New Mexico History”(UNM Press) and “The Multicultural Southwest” (University of Arizona Press). From 1979 to 1988, he worked on ranches and farms in the Flint Hills of Kansas and around Santa Rosa and Fort Sumner, NM. His music derives from that experience. He also has played supporting roles in numerous television shows and films, including “Breaking Bad,” “Gunsmoke” and “Wyatt Earp.” He has recorded several albums.


Cowboy music has evolved from the open range and ranch employees who worked and rode after cattle during the late 19th and early to mid 20th century. These include songs written by ranch hands about horses, cattle and lost love. Others add death and the devil to the story. But all have in common the expression of what ranch and farm work was like during this time. Steve Cormier performs these and also songs he has written, reflecting his years as a ranch and farm hand.


This event is presented with the Assistance of the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities. There is no charge for this event.


The Raton Museum is located at 108 South Second Street, Raton, NM 87740         

For more information please call 575-445-8979



The Raton Museum announces that Roger Sanchez; Cultural Tourism Coordinator & Collections Steward; has been invited  to present at the  plenary session of the Annual Conference of NAAMLP to be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 28, 2015.

“Hi Roger, Remembering how much I enjoyed the tours you led through the Raton Museum on a couple of occasions, I invite you to consider making a presentation on mining history in NM at the conference plenary session,” wrote John A Kretzmann, Program Manager, New Mexico Abandoned Mine Land Program.

This year’s conference is hosted by the New Mexico and Navajo Nation AML Programs and expects over 300 people from all over the country to attend.  Sponsored in part by US Department of Energy Legacy Management, Wilson & Company, Vermejo Park Ranch, Freeport-McMoRan, Howard, Duran Bokich and Foam Concepts, LLC,

The National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs (NAAMLP) is a non-profit organization whose members include 31 States and Tribes conducting abandoned mine reclamation programs under the federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977.

The Raton Museum has also been granted the opportunity to display with other exhibitors at the Annual Conference, September 28-30, 2015.

“The Raton Museum is honored to join NAAMLP in recognizing Roger Sanchez for his passion, dedication and commitment to educating the public on our rich history in NM mining,” said Kathy McQueary, President, The Raton Museum. “Roger’s knowledge and passion is unparalleled”

Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez

Founded in 1939, The Raton Museum is a non- profit corporation whose mission is to acquire, preserve, display historically significant artifacts and educate the public about our rich history. “Roger delivers on The Raton Museum’s commitment to its mission every single day.”





The USS RATON (SS/SSR/AGSS-270), a Gato-class submarine, was a ship of the United States Navy named for the raton, a polynemoid fish inhabiting semitropical waters off the Pacific coast of America.

Raton (SS-270) 1943-1948 Attack Submarine

The Raton SS-270 was laid down May 29, 1942 by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wisc.; launched January 24, 1943; sponsored by Mrs. C.C. West and commissioned July 13, 1943, Lt. Comdr. J.W. Davis in command.  Following training in Lake Michigan and at Coco Solo, C.Z.; Raton sailed for the southwest Pacific September 19, 1943, and upon arriving at Brisbane, Australia, on October 16, joined Submarine Force, 7th Fleet.

USS RATONRaton (SSR-270) 1953-1959 Radar Picket Submarine

After being placed in reserve in the fall of 1948, Raton was decommissioned at New London, Conn., on March 11, 1949.  She remained in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet at New London until July 1952 when she was towed to Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for conversion to a radar picket submarine.  Redeisgnated SSR-270 on July 18, 1952, Cmdr. J.K. Wills in command, Raton underwent training for several months prior to being ordered to the Pacific where she spent the next year in local operations, before departing from San Diego on May 11, 1955 for a 6 month deployment to WestPac.  Raton then was assigned for her second 7th Fleet deployment, May 1957 training in exercises off the Pacific Coast.  After overhaul the submarine deployed to the 7th Fleet yet another time from March 1959 to November 1959, participating in operations with SEATO and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Raton (AGSS-270) 1960-1968 Auxiliary Submarine

Raton sailed west for her fourth 7th Fleet deployment in July 1961, returning to Sand Diego in December, where she engaged in fleet training operations off the west coast of the United States, providing services for air, surface, and submarine forces.   In 1966 Raton once more followed the setting sun for another tour of duty with the 7th Fleet.  While deployed, Raton exercised with SEATO naval units in Exercise “Sea Imp”.  Her final years were spent in local operations, reserve training, and as a test ship.  Raton was decommissioned at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and stricken from the Navy List June 28, 1969.


RATON was awarded six battle stars for service in World War II.

The insignia was worn on fatigues and off duty jackets by the crew of the “Raton”.



Roger Sanchez has been apart of the Raton Museum family for over 20 years. His knowledge of Raton, Colfax County and the surrounding area has been a great asset to not only The Raton Museum but also to the thousands of visitors he has greeted at the Museum over the years.

Roger wants to share more of his knowledge with you! “ROGER THAT” is a series of posts featuring fun facts, history and trivia about Raton and the surrounding area. Please check back for new installments of ROGER THAT!





Raton was once home to 3 Railroad companies. Each having a depot located here.


SF Raton & Eastern Railway

St. Louis Rocky Mountain Pacific Railroad

At the Height of the Railroad as many as 65 trains ran per day.



Roger Sanchez has been apart of the Raton Museum family for over 20 years. His knowledge of Raton, Colfax County and the surrounding area has been a great asset to not only The Raton Museum but also to the thousands of visitors he has greeted at the Museum over the years.

Roger wants to share more of his knowledge with you! “ROGER THAT” is a series of posts featuring fun facts, history and trivia about Raton and the surrounding area. Please check back for new installments of ROGER THAT!




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