The Raton Museum Presents

ERNIE PYLE – Bringing The World To America’s Doorstep

A Performance By

Baldwin G. Burr

Ernie Pyle was an American journalist known for his columns written as a roving correspondent both before and during World War II. He reported from Europe and the Pacific, and was killed in 1945 on the Japanese Island of Ie Shima.   Ernie pioneered the “On the Road” style of narrative journalism, and journeyed around the world specializing in telling the stories of everyday folks.  Ernie Pyle especially loved the southwestern United States, and lived briefly in Albuquerque, in the only house he and his wife Jerry ever owned. The house became the first branch of the Albuquerque Public Library, and is still in use today.  This performance reviews Ernie’s career as a journalist and his role in informing those on the WWII home front about the life of the common soldier.                              

The setting for this performance is the South Pacific island of Ie Shima, part of the Okinawa chain of islands.  It is mid-morning on Wednesday, April 18, 1945.  Correspondent Ernie Pyle is in a tent, awaiting the arrival of a jeep that will take him and the commanding officer of the unit he is covering to the front to observe troop movements.

At the end of the performance, the audience will have the opportunity to join Dame Vera Lynn in singing the iconic World War II song “We’ll Meet Again”.